About Lincoln Middle School

History and Profile of Lincoln Middle School

The old Lincoln Middle School building was erected in 1938, and Pike Township students in all twelve grades attended school in this one building.  Later, as elementary schools were built, this building became a junior high school.  Lincoln was Pike Township's first middle school.  Eight additions were made to the original building.  The last addition was made in 1973 and included a choral music room and physical education station. 

Our new facility was opened in January of 1997 and is located just east of Zionsville Road on W 71st Street.  We currently serve over 800 sixth through eighth grade students, with over 80 faculty and staff to assist.  We are committed to engaging our diverse student body through exceptional learning opportunities in a safe, secure, and stimulating environment.

Core Beliefs:

1.Students learn best when they are actively engaged in a learning process that uses a variety of instructional approaches.
2.Student achievement and growth improves when relevant learning goals are set and feedback is provided through assessment.
3.The school community benefits from a safe and inviting environment that fosters mutual respect for all differences and values students' prior educational and cultural backgrounds.
4.Students meet high expectations when provided opportunities to develop socially, emotionally and academically.
5.Students benefit when effective educators engage in practices that are student centered and support ongoing improvement of teaching and learning.
6.Students benefit when school, family, and caregivers are active partners in education and have high expectations for success.

Located at:

5353 West 71st Street
Indianapolis, IN 46268